from the first time...

I have spent my entire adolescent and adult life using my songwriting as a creative outlet. As a teen growing up in the Vancouver, BC area to my present home in Kamloops, BC, the guitar hasn't been too far away. From the first time I touched one, I was creating my own music with it. It didn't take long to realize that writing songs and performing them was the artistic release that was needed to get through the day. Over time the songs have become more refined and soulful, while using fairly simple yet sometimes cryptic lyrics to convey the message. To me it's more about the feeling behind a song than the actual words within it. I believe good music can be felt in the soul and that is what I try to convey in my songs.

A little history... 

My first live shows were actually as the drummer in Vancouver based folk/country/rockabilly group The Whistle Punks. After recording an LP and playing shows at venues in the Vancouver area, life got in the way for several members of the band. This is where I began focusing more energy into my own songwriting. Relationships happen, priorities shift and next thing you know nearly ten years have gone by. But creating melodic tunes that people can grab onto is my goal and is what drives me forward. I use any chance I get to play my music for people who want to hear it. There are many places in BC to do so: campfires, living rooms, waterfall lookouts, cliffs, pubs, coffee shops, you name it.

The future...

New recordings are in the works and collaborations with other musicians are ongoing. There is always new music being created so look forward to hearing it soon. Have a look below for links to my Facebook and Soundcloud pages for the most recent updates.